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You like boardgames? Just like us!

      You are professional in the game industry? Just like us!

                              You are not graduated translator? We are!

The Rulebook Translator is a French translation company specialized in boardgame translation.

As graduated and experienced professionals, we provide boardgame translation from English and German towards French (and only that way).

From Eurogames to Ameritrash, passing by Roll&Write and deckbuilding, we specialized in translating, proofreading and copyediting rulebooks, cards and any other written game material.


Translation literacy requires both technical and literary knowledge.
The board game field is alike: it requires know-how to properly understand the market’s codes and what one expects from a good translation, plus add some ease in the writing process.


We are working from English and German written sources and translate them into French (and French only).

According to the translator’s ethics code, we do not provide translation or proofreading into any other language than French (our mother tongue).

We are graduated and qualified professionals, and may culturally adapt your product if needed.


A  proper translation is always linked to a thorough knowledge of both the source and the target languages (French for that matter), in its grammar, typography and lexicon rule set.

Two pairs of eyes are worth more than one, and a proofreading is always a necessity for any given written work.

Whether you have a rulebook project you’re not sure of or are needing to copy-edit a French text, contact us!

Why us?


The thrive of the boardgame market —for a good decade now — testifies of the current professionalization process.

As in any other serious trade, professionals are required to execute the work accurately.

Not only are we using professional translation software and dictionaries, but we are also able to adapt to different working format (.pdf - .doc - .indd) and provide implementation services.

Language pro

To a good command of foreign languages adds a deep knowledge of the French language, keystone to a good translation.

We master grammar and terminology specifications linked to the Game industry, and are experienced in using them.

Diplomas & experience

Five years of translation university studies grant a professional diploma and guarantees know-how, ethics and forethought.

Our years of experience ensure a proper knowledge of the market's needs: quality work provided by quality partners!


- Mandatory Quote and Invoice.
- Non-divulgation agreement (if necessary).
- Probity (mistake detection, too short time schedule, non-feasible project...)


'The Rulebook Translator delivers perfect translations and thorough proofing, the communication with the team is excellent, and the delivery is always on time and with an extensive attention to detail.’
‘Amazing experience! Great work! Highly recommend!‘

Previous projects


As our passion for games is driving our commitments, we will study any proposal.

However, please make sure to send us complete and comprehensible projects.

We will provide custom quote for each of them.

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